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Exhibition of plastinated corpses Jesolo 2013

03/11/2013 - 01:11 - 02/09/2014 - 02:09From 2 November 2013 to 10 months in Jesolo will host the award-winning exhibition of plastinated





Tropicarium Park, the great exhibition of piazza Brescia, is hosted in a wing of Pala Arrex. Two great predators, sharks and crocodiles, are exhibited together. Godzilla is the most popular among the alligators and it comes from the Canary Islands Park. It has a length of 5 metres, and weighs 800 kg. It is among the fewest specimens in the world with these dimensions. Moreover, there are Caimans, a “dwarf Crocodile, and AlligatorsThere is also the only couple in Europe of Zambezi Sharks (Ginger and Rocco), as well as a Bull Shark, Lemon shark Whitetip Shark, and many others!!! Tropicarium also hosts many bizarre and lovely Turtles, coloured Gekos, and Sauria of any species as the rare Cuban Iguanas or the Giant Skinks. What children like the most is the “Forest of the Monkeys” where 3 splendid monkey families, with some specimens born in this park can be seen!The Penguins are the great Novelty of the 2012-2013 season. They are 9 lovely and cunning specimens of Magellanic Penguins. A specific and new installation was created for them, it reproduces their natural habitat. In November they have finished “moulting” (the changing of their plumage). Opening Hours :Every Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (latest entrance 5 p.m.)



The Public Museum of Natural History in Jesolo hosts, until 10 May 2013, an imposing exhibition dedicated in particular to schools. Dozens of full-scale reconstructions of extinct animals, from the great Mammuths Primigenius (3 metres 40 centimetres high) to the woolly rhinoceros, to the cave bear, uro, red deer, saber-toothed cat, cave lion, and the Perrier hyena. In the exhibition, there are also many full-scale reconstructions of hominids such as Neanderthal and Homo sapiens.Show-piece of the exhibition is the presence of Lyuba, the faithful reconstruction of a small female mammoth that died about 41,800 years ago at the age of 30-35 days, rebuilt in the exact position and pose it was found in. Lyuba is considered the best-preserved mammoth mummy in the world.


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